Size, Height, Width??? What do I need to consider while buying a curtain?

It has been a while that we have been trying to decide upon a topic for a blog. As Chip Bell once said “The opportunity to co-create is a gift you give your customer as a way to summon their imagination.” So it occurred to us to start our journey of blogs by addressing the query which kept our phones ringing for a couple of years: How to know the right size of the curtain for my window? Drapery can be an expensive affair that’s why crafting a right curtain might not seem as lovely as it looks.

We know how windows create a readymade zone to develop a statement to your interior scheme. Choosing a right color, texture and size can actually make your window an anchor point to your whole design. We also admit there is a fashion shift, where the structure of a window was more about an architectural addition than anything else. But not anymore! It seems the Scandinavian minimalist have stepped aside for a maximalist style. As the old gives way to the new, its time the blinds allow the light in and sparkle your interiors.

If you are among those who wants to have curtains made to measure for your non standardized windows then your stitch master is your guide. But if you are convinced for a readymade curtain, there are a few tips that can help. 

A living room curtain hanging on the sides helps you to get the right amount of light into your space whereas adding up layers to your bedroom makes it cozier.

Length: To add a dramatic look to your interior it’s important that you hang your curtain as high as possible that will make the whole space look larger. If it seems too high, topping it up with a box pelmet will add the style of 80’s and 90’s to your room. Hanging a couple of inches below the window is a fading style. Today a centimeter above the floor makes your curtain look classic and expensive.  

Now the width. The width of the curtain is dependent on the choice of pleats. Ideally an eyelet curtain covers half the area of the width of the curtain. Eg: If the width of the curtain is 4 feet then it will cover 2 feet width of your window. Calling for an extra curtain is always advisable and adding some extra pleats never harms the look.

Finally, the hangings. If pin on hook (drapery pins) is your style then it can be used for pinch pleat and ripple fold curtains. This option becomes very handy if you have a local sewing person who can help you with the alterations. To make your life easier you can always go for a readymade gourmet style curtains.

Obviously if you are particular about the kind of pleats, a discussion with your curtain provider can always help. Hope this readymade guide makes your home reflect your own story.

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